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Beyonce vs. Adele: Who Will RULE 2017 Grammy Awards?

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Let’s make one thing very clear. You cannot compare Beyonce and Adele. They are musical giants in their own right. Both have incredible voices and great music. It’s like comparing pizza and ice cream, both delicious, just with different tastes. Adele and Beyonce released bomb chart topping albums last year and so now it’s time for the Grammys to play God. As unfair as it is to compare their music, someone’s going to leave Sunday with more trophies than the other. The question is who will it be? The categories that will determine it all, aka the categories in which they are nominated against each other are Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance. Of course the albums up for discussion are 25 and Lemonade and it truly feels like a crime having to choose between them because hello I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.
Let’s do a little scale work and weigh our options. Beyonce and Adele go about releasing and advertising their albums in different ways. Beyonce has embraced the digital revolution and taken the visual route while Adele tends to keep it more traditional. Adele’s leading single “Hello” is a powerful relationship balled while Beyonce’s track “Formation” is a powerful anthem for women’s rights and social justice.
In regard to Album of the Year, if Adele wins she will become the first artist since Stevie Wonder to win the category for consecutive releases. If Beyonce wins Album of the Year she will be the first Black woman to win the title in 20 years. Both would be awesome victories and both deserve it. Do you see my dliema here? In total, Beyonce is nominated for 9 Grammys and Adele is nominated for 5. Now anyone who knows me well, could probably guess which way I’m leaning but seriously I have love for both of them.
But I want to hear who you guys hope will come out on top so let me know in the comment section below and thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Beyonce vs. Adele: Who Will RULE 2017 Grammy Awards?

  1. Adele!!! She has more vocal range and come on she’s BRITISH!!! LOL. She’s
    sweet too and shows love to all races and genders. She’s been in the
    business long and still has her music on the radio not like Beyoncé. Never
    heard a song unless Halo which was years ago when she was good. I’m going
    to be honest a visual album is cool but the song are just… no. I’m sorry
    if your a Beyoncé fan but I don’t like her music on Lemonade nor her
    personality. Lets Rule these Grammys Adele!!! You deserve it more! :)

  2. Love both of these albums and think they both deserve it but I’m going with
    adele for the fact that hers was more authentic.
    Although the message Beyonce portrays on lemonade has more importance to it
    than adeles, adele only had 16 writers and produces compared to Beyonces
    about 100 which makes me question how much of the powerful statements are
    hers, not saying she doesn’t truly feel that about racial and women’s
    equality because I believe she does, but when someone writes there own
    music I think it shows what kind of artist they are. This is the type of
    artist the grammys look for and I myself connect with the most. Again
    disclaimer not saying Beyonce is less of an artist than Adele they are just
    different artists. Beyonce is more visual talent and Adele is more about
    the musical talent. Just my opinion I’m sure some of you agree or disagree
    and connect more with Beyonces approach. These are two artists who
    shouldn’t be put against each other purely for the fact they are are on the
    same level as artists but are just different ugh?

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